What is a Network Society?

As we know that network society is also the one of a great technology that allow people to link into each other with relationship by using network society or social network. Network society is a link pass the activity that users might interested in, such as video, the experience that people gain, opinion, feeling, greeting, a group activity, or the several information that help with the career, for example, Facebook, twitter, link in and hi5



Social network service is a website format that create a network for internet users. Writing and explaining the activity that gain and link to other activity. Nowadays, people gain a lot of new technologies that help them to have an easy life that before such as, the network like an internet. How did people communicated before?



They used to write the letter to ask how people life, and it took a couple weeks or a months to get it. The high technologies help to be easier and faster. Developing from the letter to telephone, then from telephone to mobile, than develop to network society. In social network service including chat, message, e-mail, video, music, photo upload and blog that can classify into 7 groups.

  1. Publish
  2. Share
  3. Discuss
  4. Commerce
  5. Location
  6. Network
  7. Game

Publish is a revelation of information, document or several articles. To shear is giving people to know about the information that interesting or sharing the knowledge. Discussing is about brainstorms. Commerce is talking about the business. Location is about sharing the several places. Network is about friends, work and business, and game is about the application that help people to relax. All of these things are the part of network society.

Social networking service is giving an online service that emphasise the exchange information, activity or situation, to create a social networks or social relation between a group of people.

What do you think about the network society?



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