The effect of the Network Society

The Network Society has benefits and disadvantages, but it depends on how we use it. There are many different way of effect that cause by network society and I chose two different thing to talk about it which are The effect of society and the effect of economy.

 As we know that network society allows as to link and connect with other people without paying money for the machinery to travel across the country or city to meet each other, but just use a social network to communicate. Also free to have new friends from the oversea that become the exchange of knowledge and several cultures.

When some of situation that look huge or interesting, it will appear on the internet and have a lot comments and sharing. In contrast, the relation of network society is sloppy, communicate with other with is not face to face but behind the key board. Some of people just like to keep many friends on their page but it is nothing important, besides the personal information that appear on social network might not be true and cannot check it. By that, it can be an insincere.

 Communicating without seeing each other can cause users doing in a negative behaviour.

 Moreover, so often that users lose their one’s senses and be naive with honeyed word. This cause a dangerous life. Even if network society is an advanced technologies, we can become the victim of it.

 Network society is the way to find the information and to do the low prise business. Nowadays, many companies do advertise by using network society because they do not have to pay and it is fast to communicate with customers or they post their videos on YouTube to advertise their goods. Facebook pages are the most popular way to advertise. They use social media to publicise and gain the opinion from customers.

 Network society or social media have both benefits and wicked things that can cause the effect of society and economy. To protect this, users should have knowledge and know the effect of social media.

Do you think there are any more effects of  the Network Society?


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