Social Media For Education

Social network not just be an enjoyable but it’s also the other ways that we can use for the education. YouTube is a website that service with pictures and videos between users but YouTube has policies that cannot upload a sexy or porn videos. Applying for a member of YouTube, users will be able to share videos to public but if no account for YouTube, people can still watch videos from others.

YouTube has a lot of content that can use for education but at that moment also has the risk that make children and youth might go in the wrong way such as music videos and some of high rate cartoons.

YouTube for education allows a several schools to reach to videos for education. YouTube also friendly with teachers who use YouTube for education. Some of teachers upload their videos on YouTube and let their students learn from them and watch as many as their want for saving their time to just repeat the speech.

Facebook for education. Facebook is a centre of education that very popular for schools that choose and take to apply for education. To improve in language, instructors and students have to use Facebook to communicate and give several opinions about subjects on Facebook.

In order that, to use Facebook regularly to write and read comments or message will help students to practise about writing , spelling, reading and grammar. Communication between people will help with a good relation between instructors and instructors, students and students and instructors and students. Using Facebook for the education will help students be more interested and more active to study.

The advantages of using Facebook for education are users can communicate faster that using an email.

Students can share their knowledge to public and be convenient to gain a lot of news information but instructors and students might be private with comments and pictures.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of using a Network Society or a Social Network, but Yet Again! It depends on how people are going to use.


What is the others advantage of using Social Media?




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